Here are a few videos highlighting some of the video-based work I have created (with great teams). Excuse the low-res nature of some of them, but some do pre-date HD.

Digital Science Concepts: Protovision. Exploring the laboratory of the future. This video looks at how better use of technology might change the laboratory of the future to make scientific research more efficient.

The Digital Science Concepts video series is an imagined view into the laboratory of the future. We built this by hacking an X-Box Kinect and running protocols through it.

IPTV settop box prototype for Aggregator. Fully functional EPG combined with broadband download service. We built this in 8 weeks as a prototype to help secure investment - it worked :)

A capture of the BBC Prime service built by Mindhouse. Built for BBC Worldwide with a fully functional CMS behind the scenes. Multi-platform and multi-language.

Built in 2000 by my team at Entranet, Taxi was a fully-functional interactive city guide. This ran on a Sky settop box, integrated with web and mobile platforms for fulfillment. I have a higher-res version somewhere, in the meantime excuse the quality issues.